Missoula  Announcements


ATTENTION: Second payment is PAST due -

PLEASE mail to 2200 Tipperary Way, Msla 59808

or go to fees tab and use PayPal.

Upcoming Tournaments



Event: ZTV Spring Foolin' too    Saturday May 15

Location: Frenchtown, MT

Teams: 12-1 Diamond,  12-2 Platinum,  12-3 Gold,  12-3 Silver

              Also 14-5 Bronze and 14-6 Copper in 14s division.


Event: Big Sky Volleyfest  May 8&9

Location: Billings , MT

Teams: 14-1 Diamond,  14-2 Platinum,  14-3 Gold,  14-4 Silver,  14-5 Bronze,  14-6 Copper



Event: Big Sky Volleyfest May 8&9

Location: Billings, MT

Teams: 16-1 Diamond, 16- 2 Platinum, 16-3 Gold, 16-4 Silver, and 16-5 Bronze



Event: Big Sky Volleyfest  May 8&9

Location: Billings, MT

Teams: 18-1 Diamond 


Be sure to check schedule for your team's practice date. 

With only one practice a week - it is important to be there unless you are ill.

Please let your coach know you won't make it to practice.   

If you are injured - attend but do not participate.



Email: zootownvolleyball@gmail.com

Text/Call Barb 406 381 4519