Last Updated: February 15th, 2021 *subject to change

2021 Season FAQs

How long is the season?

With the season starting later than usual, Zootown is looking to run from March to mid-May totaling around 25 hours of practice per team and 4-5 tournament/round-robin days.

How much will this season cost?

It's no surprise that this season looks different than most. Zootown will require an initial deposit which will be used to cover the PRACTICE season and all costs associated with that (gym rentals, coaching fees, etc.). The remaining amount due will be determined on actual tourneys, matches, and scrimmages attended by the team. Please refer to our "Fees" tab for more information.

I rolled over money from last year. How can I use it for this season?

All you need to do is e-mail us and Barb will take it from there.

What will practices look like this season?

It should come as no surprise that gym space has been hard to come by this season. As of now, all practices will be held at Frenchtown Jr. High. Teams will have one 2.5 hour practice per week. We have tried to keep team practice schedules consistent. Of course, if more time becomes available we will work to go back to our “regular” 1.5 hour practices twice a week.

What will tournaments look like this season?

Many clubs are struggling to find gym space to hold tournaments this season. Currently, Zootown is hoping to host a tournament and attend the Big Sky Volleyfest in Billings, MT. We are also incorporating “round robins”. These are modeled after the USAV Power Leagues. You can consider these “mini tournaments” with fewer teams, but extremely evenly matched teams. For example, Zootown Great Falls will host our top two 16s teams to play their top two 16s teams. This guarantees each team three full matches and a full day of competition.

What is your COVID protocol?

All players are required to wear a mask when in lines and during drills. They can pull down masks while actively playing during scrimmages. There will be no water bottle sharing and hand sanitizer will be available at every practice. Of couse, if you are not feeling well or are exposed to COVID we ask that you notify us and stay at home.